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There is no government accreditation available in the USA, or most countries, to our knowledge.  When we say we are “internationally accredited”, we are referring to our accreditation with the International Metaphysical Practitioners Association and the World Metaphysical Association.  These accreditations are obtained to verify the validity and high standards of the course work that we offer and not meant to mislead anyone.  In other words, the courses are accredited as being of international standard, and are recognised in the international metaphysical community as quality.


IMPA provides accrediting for metaphysical schools as well as for practitioners who teach metaphysics-related courses, workshops, and/or seminars. In the United States, accreditation is a voluntary, non-governmental process of review. In other parts of the world, the accreditation process is often performed by governmental agencies and is mandated by law.

Benefits of Accreditation

Accreditation is simply a third-party verification of an organization’s educational standards. It adds another layer of credibility and provides prospective students with a basis for confidence in the quality of an organization’s curriculum, instructional approach, and recording-keeping policies. Metaphysical organizations are encouraged to add accreditation to enhance their reputation for excellence in educational standards.


Accreditation Endorsement Process

“The WMA offers metaphysical schools, workshop facilitators, and those in the industry who write or teach, the opportunity to apply for our accreditation seal of approval.  Please note that our accreditation seal of approval is a separate and more complex process than membership, which is open to anyone at any phase of their metaphysical experience.

We perform a verification process to help weed out the scam artists from those who believe in metaphysics as a religion, legitimate practice, or way of life.  We issue our seal of approval only to those who demonstrate a high level of awareness, educational  aptitude, and ethical business practices.

Applicants will be asked to pass our standards of high character, as well as experience.  This is a lifetime approval…”

What are the Benefits of WMA Accreditation?

It sets a higher standard for performance, education, and personal improvement for the entire industry.


The American Council of Holistic Healers (ACHH) was established to provide professional accreditation and certification  for the healthcare industry. ACHH welcomes practitioners of traditional and natural wellness therapies and methodologies.

The Council is open to national and international members who wish to incorporate high ethical standards into their practices and teachings, network with others in the industry, and promote healing awareness globally. Earning Council certification is a rewarding achievement, and sets the tone for your professional practice.

 Our goal is to bring legitimacy to the holistic healing profession. Many people out there still view holistic healing as quackery. Those who have experienced a healing session with a holistic healing practitioner know first hand the many benefits of such a session.