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Exciting news is our sales affiliate plan – register as an affiliate (click on the button below) and start earning commission on everyone you refer to us who signs up for either a workshop or home study course.  You earn 10% commission for every person you refer that enrols.  That equates to a lot of extra bucks in your pocket just for telling your friends about us!!  On the diploma plan, that would be $75 to $120 in your pocket per person you sign up.  Sounds like easy money?!

Commission payments will be made at the end of each month.  Provided that payment made by the new sign up covers the commission, then the entire commission will be paid to the sales affiliate.  If, however, the new sign up pays an initial deposit which is an amount less than the commission due, then the commission will be split over two months, depending on the amount paid, e.g. new sign up for the Full House Diploma chooses the monthly payment option and pays an initial deposit of $80 - $7.50 is paid over to the sales affiliate, and when the first month’s instalment is received, the affiliate receives the remaining $45.  Should the new sign up pay for the course in full, the affiliate will receive the entire commission due at the end of the month (being $120).  

Commissions are 10% of the course price paid by the sign up, up to a maximum of $120.

A monthly statement will be forwarded to you each time, for you to keep track of your earnings.

If you are interested, please download the form, fill it in, and forward it to us by e-mail.

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